For more than fifteen years, A-Glaze have been producing specialist protective sealant coatings for all types of painted surface, plastics, glass, textiles and leather. These well respected products are used in a variety of fields including the Aviation and Automotive Industries as well as by private owners all over the world.


They provide easy to use systems for cleaning, polishing and protecting all types of painted, GRP gel coat, PVC, polycarbonate and glass surfaces from common causes of degradation and colour fading - ultra violet light - acid rain - atmospheric pollution - salt - snow - bird lime.


A-Glaze Surface Sealants are made from a unique blend of fluorocarbon polymers. Fluorocarbons are modern impregnating agents that do not only repel water but also oily and fatty substances.

A-Glaze Surface Sealant bonds to the surface of the substrate creating an ultra-thin sub-micron barrier. This barrier is highly durable, yet remains flexible allowing it to cope with the expansion and contraction of the surface caused by changes in temperature. Once cured, the A-Glaze sealed surface exhibits several properties; it remains highly water and soil repellent, it protects the surface from UV rays and reduces friction which aids cleaning and improves the flow of air and fluid over the treated surface.


  • Improves and extends the life of new paint and gel-coat.
  • Refurbishes older paint and gel-coat.
  • An environmentally friendly alternative to re-spraying.
  • Protects against Ultra-Violet rays.
  • Protects against exhaust staining.
  • Protects against extremes of temperature. 
  • Protects against colour pigment deterioration.
  • Protects against salt damage.
  • Protects against ionisation and industrial pollution.
  • Allows black streaks to be easily removed.

Glass and Marble

Our unique silicon-free A-Glaze NANO glass sealant gives a hydrophobic coating that has oil and water repellent properties. Glass becomes easy to clean with the life of the protected surfaces greatly extended. This system eliminates the need for cleaning with vinegar or any other acid based cleaner. Our sealant is very durable and can be used on both exterior and interior glass, great for use on mirrors. We also have a system to refurbish glass stained by calcium or hard water and a service to remove scratches without distortion.

Open-porous marble or stone surfaces react sensitively to fats, oils and other dirt deposits, which easily penetrate the surfaces and leave clearly visible stains. Even with intensive cleaning such persistent stains cannot be removed. 

Our Hydrophobic / Oleophobic coating was conceived in such a way that deposits of pollutants are reduced to a minimum and damages from environmental influences are prevented. Dirt particles are easily removed without the need for abrasive cleaning solvents or machines. Due to its inorganic network structure, the coating is extremely durable. 

Stainless Steel

Our A-Glaze stainless steel polymer sealant when applied to polished or brushed stainless bonds to the surface to create a protective barrier that the dirt, salt and pollutants rest on the surface off. The maintaining of a sealed surface becomes a lot less time consuming without the need for chemical products or abrasive polish’s to keep the area clean, a simple wipe over with a damp micro-fibre cloth followed by a dry micro-fibre cloth will ensure the surface is clean, preventing the need for continual polishing.