A-Glaze is the only paint sealant product that carries the necessary SMI Boeing and Airbus approval for the use on aircraft and is used by airlines to protect their aircraft’s paintwork from the harsh environment at high altitudes. 

A-Glaze is used by several well known airlines, police and rescue services around the world as well as private aircraft owners. A-Glaze was also used on Concorde, the supersonic airliner when it was in service, which flew at the same cruising altitude of many private jets, which at 60,000 feet is twice the altitude of commercial airliners.

The A-Glaze Sealant’s unique formulation gives unrivalled protection from extreme temperature changes, changing weather conditions and the sun’s UV rays that aircraft are exposed to every day at high altitude.

The A-Glaze sealed finish is smooth and easy to clean. Aircraft washing times can be significantly reduced and the paint life extended. When put together with the now proven benefits in fuel efficiency, which will also help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the A-Glaze Sealant System provides an extremely cost effective method of maintaining both the appearance and performance of all aircraft types, from smaller private aircraft to large commercial airliners

BMI Aircraft Testing

The A-Glaze Surface Sealant has been put through extensive testing in order to prove fuel savings for commercial aircraft. In late 2011, A-Glaze began a six month test using one of BMI Baby’s Boeing 737-300s equipped with Boeing’s Airplane Performance Monitoring system. The result of this test has shown an airframe improvement of 0.8%, from which has been calculated a 161 tonne fuel saving per year for this A-Glazed aircraft. Based on these calculations by using A-Glaze Surface Sealant, a large commercial carrier should expect to be able to save 240 tonnes of fuel per aircraft, per year.

Technical Results

Data from bmibaby - Boeing’s Airplane Performance Monitoring System, after flying with A-Glaze Surface Sealant applied to their Boeing 737 - GTOYD for six months from November 2011 year.


December 2011 APM     -5.3

March 2012 APM     -4.8

May 2012 APM        -4.5

APM = Aircraft Performance Monitoring
The airframe improvement of 0.8% has a calculated fuel burn benefit of 161 tonnes of JetA1 fuel per year.

Wind Tunnel Testing

In May 2012, A-Glaze Surface Sealant was tested in The Aircraft Research Association’s Transonic Wind Tunnel, on their Z146 civil reference model. 

The aim of this test was firstly to “rubber stamp” the test undertaken using the BMI aircraft, but also to prove that even on a brand new, smooth, unweathered, paint finish, the application of A-Glaze Surface Sealant can still create a significant reduction in drag on the aircraft’s fuselage and wings. 

The tunnel was run at Mach 0.8, the typical cruising speed for a commercial airliner, to achieve initial readings for drag on just the freshly painted model. 

Next the A-Glaze Surface Sealant was applied to the paint surface, without any prior preparation, so that only the effect of the sealant on the paint finish would be recorded and not the result of any polishing action, which could artificially enhance the results. The wind tunnel was run again at Mach 0.8 and drag readings recorded with the A-Glaze Surface Sealant applied.

Wind Tunnel Results

This graph shows the results from the ARA wind tunnel test; The vertical axis measures profile drag coefficient while the horizontal axis shows the lift coefficient. 

The red curve shows drag at Mach 0.8, on the painted model without A-Glaze applied and the green curve shows the reduction in drag at Mach 0.8 after the application of the A-Glaze Surface Sealant to the paint finish. 

Analysis from ARA wind tunnel has shown that the average reduction in profile drag after the application of A-Glaze to the painted surface of the model is 1.3%.

The A-Glaze benefits:

  • Improve and extend the life of new paint
  • Refurbish older paint
  • An environmentally friendly alternative to re-spraying
  • Protect against Ultra-Violet rays
  • Protect against exhaust staining
  • Protect against extremes of temperature
  • Protect against colour pigment deterioration
  • Protect against ionisation and industrial pollution
  • Allow black streaks to be easily removed
  • Proven reduction in drag
  • Proven improvement in aircraft airframe performance
  • Reduces an aircraft’s carbon footprint
  • Proven fuel savings compared to an aircraft that has not been treated with A-Glaze Aviation Surface Sealant
  • The only surface sealant tested and certified to SMI Boeing, Airbus, and BAE’s latest standards for: Acrylic Softening Test, Sandwich, Corrosion Tests, Total Immersion Tests, Hydrogen Embrittlement Tests, Paint Softening Tests
  • Makes maintenance and cleaning of your aircraft easier and less time consuming